Herbal Medicine CSA

             Introducing....B. Tree Apothecary
Bringing the Magic of Healing Plants to You!

                                                                           by Lee RohmannFox

Harvesting and making plant medicine is an inspiring experience, strengthening my connection to the natural world and to my own health. Now I would like to expand my practice and offer what I make to you.

Here's the deal: Sign up to receive a box of herbal medicine products each season (4 times/year) and I will create seasonally appropriate medicine for you, plus my favorite recipes that highlight food as medicine. All ingredients are organic and many plants are locally harvested.

Each "share" will include a tea blend for the season plus four more products. The spring shares will include a Spring Balance tea of locally harvested chickweed, cleavers, nettles, and dandelion. It will also include an herbal first aid-kit, some kind of tincture for the springtime, and a super iron//liver support syrup to wake us up out of our winter sleep.

Shares will be available April, July, October 2015, and January 2016 and are $50/month, $200 for the year. You can pick them up from me or we can arrange a drop-off location based on your needs. Mailing your share is also an option if you live out of state, but still want some herbal-lee love.

For more info or to sign up:

Email: treelee22@gmail.com  Or  on Facebook : B. Tree Apothecary